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the app and Book a taxi online

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Download passenger app

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Driver app

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Download buttons

How it Work

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Arrive safely

Book in Just 3 clicks

Get a Driver

Track your Driver

Download the app and register using your phone as Halal passenger and then Book a taxi in just 3 clicks

As soon as you request a trip Near by drivers will get your request and communicate you.

Track the Driver from any Where on your device if you request the trip for some one else

Press the SOS Button if any threat arise in the middle of the trip  


About us 

Looking for a top-notch Taxi Service? Allow us to introduce ourselves. We're Halaltaxi and our team of pros are available whenever you need us. We don't just meet your expectations, we surpass them. Halal taxi  gives interest free loan meter taxi cars in Addis Ababa serves  and the surrounding area. Since 2020, our company has been committed to being the best at what we do. See a full list of our services below.



In this method customers can get the service from any driver who has installed the application manually in the streets.

If you have installed the app and you want to book a taxi right from where you are for you or for some one else this will suit you.

Even if you don't have installed the application you can still book a trip by calling to our call centre at any time.


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Purchase taxi

Interest Free loan for taxi service

Halal taxi is a pioneer car importer in Addis Ababa Ethiopia that created  the opportunity to get interest free loan to buy cars that are intended for taxi service By creating the alliance With Dashen bank Islamic extension Sharik.

get a car for a taxi service by paying 30% 1st and the rest within 5 years with an interest free rate

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Halal Financing


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