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common App issues 

Here are most of the issues arising on Driver and passengers application through our experience  feel free to get help from Our IT staff for any other cases blocking you from using the application.

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For passengers 

Downloading issues

Make sure that you have downloaded the application for drivers i.e. the one that has driver tag beneeath halal application icon and text

App launching issues

Refresh your command center to be sure you have the latest version.

if not then just log out of the driver accounts logged in till you see the login screen, then use your credentials to login again. 

You are all set then the app will run smoothly with the new version of Halal driver app

App update


When a new version of an application is released most of the updates are done automatically without a need for a user to do anything sometimes there will be informative statement to announce there is an update and a button to update the app.

location issues

since the application uses geographic information system to measure distances track trips and get you connected to the nearest trip requesters you need to allow the app to access your location so you, your customers and Halal taxi stay connected for efficient work.

Keep Kalm and stay online 

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