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Quick tips and offers


For Our passengers

How it Works

  • Download the app

  • Give necessary information that the app requests in the provided space

  • Give permission to the app in order to access our location and track your trip

  • Let the app automatically recognize your pick up location by default if you are ordering taxi for yourself

  • If you are booking a trip for someone else type in the location field or pin on map

  • Choose the type of vehicle on the vehicle selection category

  • Type your destination place and get your price estimation

  • Wait until you get a call from near driver and give brief to the driver when you receive the call

  • Track your trip until you reach your destination

Special offers

  • Pool trip: trip coast sharing by adding 2-3 passengers according to passengers’ interest.

  • Monthly billed taxi service for students and permanent passengers


  • Press the SOS button for any accident or any suspicious activity.

Download the app

Halal taxi pick up location

Choose pick up location


choose drop off location


track your trip

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