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Monthly Billed taxi service for students and permanent contractual customers 

Road Trip

Road trip

Manual ordering or road trip services for people who don't have the access for their cell phone to order through app or phone.


Airport transfer

Halal taxi offers you a cheap airport taxi transfer with reliable service and security. Your transportation to the airport can’t start better; leave the rest to our airport shuttle


Safe, luxurious cars, smooth journeys and pick-ups that are on time, every time for your corporate needs.

extra features


Halal app will look for riders along your route to fill empty seats in the car. Greet your co-riders with a smile—together, you’re saving money


submit a Bid for Taxi and Pool Transport Services under Framework Agreement

Scheduled trip

Schedule With Halal for later trips, airport rip and any other trips to be scheduled.

book for some one else

Book for some one else for halal right from where you are.



Normal pricing according to the distance of the trip i.e. distance traveled * price/km


a contractual price that is paid periodically with some discount rate.

Flat Rates

Use the method that charge or level of payment  is the same in all cases

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